Tuesday, February 4, 2020

School Choice

I recently had a parent tell me that they wished they had more school choice because they would take their child to a different school. Now I understand that parents deal with difficult situations and I believe they truly want what's best for their children... but, the next statement she made showed me she clearly is misinformed. "I wish there were more charter schools or private schools in our areas. I mean, billionaires don't send their kids to public schools."
Exactly. Billionaires don't send their kids to public schools to learn to be well educated, valuable members of society. They send them to private schools to learn to continue to be billionaires who don't really care about people in public schools.
If these billionaires really cared about improving education and making our country better, they would start with pushing legislation that FULLY funded education for students with disabilities and TRIPLE the funding for schools in low-income districts.
If billionaires cared about making America more competitive in our schools then they should make sure teachers are being paid as the professionals that they are instead of instituting and belittling those educators who have to work a second or third job just to support their family.
If billionaires actually wanted to make a difference in education then they would recognize the value in having teachers write their own tests. Billionaires know the value of money, so why not save states and districts billions of dollars that are being wasted on standardized testing and spend it where it will make a difference for all students by reducing class sizes so children can get individualized help from their teachers.
Billionaires do not care about your child or their future... but do you know who does?...Teachers!