Monday, November 11, 2019

Dress up days

Dress Up Days

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"Many times students don't want to dress up out of embarrassment or lack of school spirit. Seeing my teachers dress up makes me want to participate and I know won't be embarrassed because they are participating right along side me." - - student

"Yes, we look up to our teachers and expect a level of professionalism but it is important to be reminded sometimes that they are regular people too" - - student

As an educator I try to stay up on current trends and happenings in the world of education across the country which leads me to joining several social media groups for teachers and administrators. On one such group an administrator posed the question as to whether or not teachers and/or principals should participate in school spirit dress up days. I replied that my personal belief is that yes, indeed they should participate. If they want students to have fun, enjoy the days, and build positive relationships at the same time, then model the behavior you want to see in your school by dressing up, getting others involved and just to be on the safe side, keep a change of business attire in your closet in case you have a parent meeting or other item that needs your attention.

When I first started my education career I was in school that frowned upon dressing up with the students on spirit days. I noticed that some of the veteran teachers still dressed up and appeared to be having a lot of fun. I asked one of the few teachers who participated why they dressed up when the administration had made it clear to us that though it was not against policy, it was not preferred. This teacher said they were focused more on people than on policies and they learned how valuable it is to make those connections with his students. I took that message to heart and began participating in every dress up since my first year. And when I do, I don't mess around.

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