Monday, September 16, 2019

Are We Really Preparing Them for the "Real World"?

So often in schools today we claim that teachers are doing their best to prepare students for the real world yet we still require them to sit in assigned seats and raise their hand when they want to use the bathroom. Are we really preparing them for the real world? Where else in their lives are they going to have to have assigned seating (other than a plane or a concert) and when in the world are they ever going to have to actually raise their hand to use the bathroom?

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Don't Yell at the Flowers


I have never been accused of having a green thumb. Even my fake plants died because I forgot to pretend to water them. Though I may not be the greatest horticulturalist on the block, I am rather skilled in metaphors.
     Allow me to share one such example I have learned about flowering plants. Sometimes when caring for a plant you give it the recommended amount of sunlight; the right amount of food, and precise measurements of water, and still the flower does not bloom. You change those variables and still the flower fails to bloom. Your expectations remain high, your phyto-maintenance skills are at their finest, and yet this flower, of which you care for so deeply, remains in its dormant state. It is in this moment that you must look at the environment in which the flower is planted. You must change the very surroundings it lies in. Replace the soil, change it out for a more fertile environment. You must change the very thing that is holding it back. Changing the climate of the flower will finally allow it bloom, just as we always desired it would.           
     Now let me tell something of which I am will not get a flower to bloom by blaming the flower for its own failure or worse, yelling at the plant!

Studies have been proven that this method does not work. The same goes for our students. We cannot be quick to blame them for not reaching their potential as quickly as we desire. Sometimes we give them all we can, we foster, we support, we encourage, and we give our time and our all and still our students may not bloom. It is at these moments where we must look at the educational environment we have created and look to how we may need to change the climate they are in to give them best environment they can get and allow them to bloom. It may not be easy, the results are truly beautiful.